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Real Representatives Host Benefit Concert


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The Real Representatives, a club at the park for gender equality, held a benefit concert on May 12 to raise funds for their “Education Can Change the World” scholarship. The scholarship this year is helping a girl from Southfield who is a first generation immigrant from Nigeria. She wants to become a doctor and go back to Nigeria to help improve women’s health. The scholarship will help the recipient pay for textbooks and other things that a normal scholarship doesn’t cover.

Plymouth senior Katie Paulot said, “We sent out and called a bunch of schools in the metro Detroit area to distribute scholarships, and we picked the scholarship winner based on what they wanted to do with their education and how they would change the world with their scholarship.”

The emcee for the night was Dominic Gruszczynski, Plymouth senior, who came out throughout the night to tell jokes while the crew was setting the stage between performers. There were some technical difficulties throughout the night, but that’s to be expected when the sound system was created by local garage bands equipment.

The show started with Aria, P-CEP’s girls a capella choir, singing “Send My Love” by Adele, then Rishi Mahesh, Plymouth senior, performed with his group Donald and the Tiny Hands, who played the song “Imposters” by The Fratellis and “Fluorescent Adolescent” by The Arctic Monkeys.

Salem sophomore Tom Green said, “It’s really good. I’m very happy it’s going towards a scholarship, and I’m very happy with the show so far.”

One act that stood out, and the only non musical act, was a spoken word poem called “Body Love” written and performed by Salem sophomore Kaia Thomas. Many groups including Fred Richardson, Paper Crowns, Alexandra Pingston and AP Brass performed original songs.

Closing the show was the band Lavender & Co playing “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. By the end of the song, the whole crew was on the stage in different costumes and some members of the audience had their phones out using their flashlight and waving it back and forth.

Beth Henderson, Plymouth senior and co-president of Real Reps said, “The motivation behind this is to provide a girl with an opportunity that she may not have because we believe that the education of all, specifically girls, can further the world in ways that are almost unimaginable.”

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Real Representatives Host Benefit Concert