November Clubs of the Month

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With so many clubs at P-CEP, there may be some that you were not aware of.

First up is Campus Christians. They meet every monday from 2:30-3:30pm in Mr. Salter’s room, C99 in the World Language hallway in Canton High School. One of the three presidents Lotus Naegelin, a Canton junior, said, “As for people who are welcomed, everyone is-your religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, gender, favorite color, and anything else you can think of/ does. Not. Matter./ Everyone is welcomed!. . . Campus Christians is made up of many different sects of Christianity. I myself am Baptist, others are Catholic, Orthodox, Presbyterians, Protestants, etc.”

Naegelin also said, “Our club is set up as a democratic oligarchy of sorts. We have three presidents this year. . . Regarding new leaders, the presidents stay in their positions each year and choose successors in their senior year. Then the potential leaders decide for themselves if they want that seat of power or not.”

Members of Campus Christians are also part of an event called Ignite, the main event of the club. They spend months planning it; they tend to host it right before AP exams.

Naegelin said, “During Ignite, we have snacks for the guests, do an activity and worship, and our members give testimonies related to that year’s theme.”

Our next club is the Muslim Student Association, also called MSA. MSA meets every friday after school in the Canton presentation room and lead by Sana Ansari and Rashid Sabri. The club has a sermon and prays to one out of their five daily prayers together. The goal of the club is for students to have a place to pray because they wouldn’t make it in time to go to the Mosque right after school.

Sabri said, “This is very important to us because it is like a weekly refresh reminding us and teaching us more about the fundamentals of our religion; and in a sense brings us together as a community.” The club also contains social and educational events along with community service opportunities for students. They collaborate with their Mosque’s youth group to keep connected to each other.

The club has no restrictions for who can be in it; everyone is welcomed. “People from all different levels of faith are encouraged to come. Even if they don’t participate in our friday prayer, they still connect with other Muslims on campus and still feel as though they have a community,” said Ansari. P-CEP alumni still continue to come back to pray with the family they’ve grown over the years.    

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