Splitting Up the Mental Health Community

The “Unbreakable” series is coming out with a new movie called “Glass” to which got me thinking about the movies as a whole. The movies are premised someone who has 24 different personalities called Dissociative Personality Disorder, also known as Multiple Personality Disorder. This disorder is among the rarest psychological disorders originating from trauma to escape reality the disorder is not dangerous except to the person themself. In the “Unbreakable” series, the main character is shown as a dangerous individual whose mission is out to harm, which is not the trend for this disorder. Additionally, the man is shown controlling and communicating with his personalities which is also not realistic being that most cases are completely unaware of their other personality. The movie portal of the disorder is sickening as it isn’t realistic to the reality of the disorder. The movie exploits the disorder for entertainment when real people suffer from it everyday. The movie takes the image of this real traumatic disorder and turns it into an evil character and shows it to the public as fact when their portrayal is false. The disorder is born from a place of severe emotional, or physical trauma and the disorder is a safety mechanism for the mind to escape that trauma. Yet now the people who are suffering now have to fight the public’s fake perception. The “Unbreakable” series is a psychological horror to those who are suffering and for those who are ignorant. It is truly an abomination to see the havoc this movie causes for being wrong about something so harrowing.