Summer Reading List

Ever since I was little, I have had a love for books. However, like many people I know, I’ve become distant with reading as I progressed through high school. Whether it was my work load, friends, or the need for sleep, reading has been pushed to the side. As a senior in high school about to enter college, I’ll have the whole summer to do anything I want. This includes catching up on all of the good books I haven’t read yet. Books are unique in the way that they spark your imagination. Sure, everyone is reading the same words, but we all picture it differently. This is the beauty of reading; it takes you to another world, which is great if you would like to escape this one. So, I hope you’ll join me on my journey this summer to rediscover my love of reading. Here is a list of books that I love, along with others that I hope to read soon.

  1. The Help

This is one of my most favorite books. The book became a popular movie a while ago, but is still a must read. The book takes place in Jackson, Mississippi, in the 1960s. If follows the trials and triumphs of Aibileen and Minnie, maids working in white households. The story follows Skeeter, a young journalist wanting to bring attention to the hardships of African Americans at the time. Kathryn Stockett is able to flawlessly switch between the viewpoints of these three characters. The story is never dull and is packed with raw emotion, hope, excitement, and humor. It is a must read that is great for most ages.

  1. Eleanor and Park

This is a very popular book that has been read by many, and for good reason. This teen romance book is like no other. Not only does it follow the romance of Eleanor and Park, but is a serious coming of age story as well. You see through the eyes of two misfits, completely different and fighting their own battles. Eleanor lives in an abuse household and is regularly bullied for how she looks. Park is fighting inner battles of popularity, and often butts heads with his father. However, they come together in an unexpected turn of events and begin to explore who they really are in despite of adversary. This is author Rainbow Rowell’s first book.

  1. The Mortal Instruments

Cassandra Clare is one of my favorite authors. She has written many interconnected series, The Mortal Instruments being the first one. She is able to make the pages of her books come alive with fantasy so well, you find yourself immersed in her books for hours. The books follow shadowhunters, who are descendents of angels that fight demons to keep the world safe for humans. This first series follows Clary Fray, who only recently discovered she was a shadowhunter. These book are great for anyone who loves fantasy and are extremely hard to put down.

  1. Harry Potter

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is so important. As most of you may have seen the movies or read it already, you may know what I’m talking about. The movies are good, but can’t compare to the world you enter when you read the books for yourself. While the first book starts off a bit boring, I encourage you to keep reading as the books get better and better as you go on. The world of fantasy and magic is unique and is thrilling to be a part of. You see the characters grow and age through the books and the character development is amazing. J.K. Rowling flawlessly writes her stories, captivating all of her readers.

  1. Fever 1793

Fever 1793 is a great book for kids and adults alike. The story follows Mattie Cook, who is living through the yellow fever. I especially love this book as it gave me a new perspective and appreciation for life. After losing a playmate to the mysterious fever, Mattie watches her world crumble around her and must fight for her business, family, and livelihood. This is a great story to try, as most people don’t read historical fiction.

  1. Bitter Melon

As a part of the Asian community, I am personally connected with this one. Frances is a Chinese American girl living in San Francisco, California. She has always been pressured to get perfect grades in order to make her tiger mom (a mother strict and demanding of excellence, typically East Asian) happy and go to medical school. But is this really what she wants? Frances struggles with feeling comfortable in her skin and dealing with her mom’s strict parenting. She often compares herself, and must go through self discovery to find her happiness.

I hope you join me in reading this summer. Some more books I would like to read are: Again, But Better, Piecing Me Together, The Summer I Turned Pretty and They Both Die at The End.