Rollback on Club Fees

Noor Khalil, Deputy Opinion Editor, Copy Editor, Photographer

Rollback on club fees

Plymouth-Canton Educational Park boasts more than 75 clubs and activities. With three schools and more than 6,000 students, that can be expected. Some clubs are restrictive, require long community service hours, personal essays and much more that demand students to prove their worth (cough cough National Honor Society). Though, there are many like Anime Club, Quidditch Club, Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad and more that are open to any who are interested or wish to find a new hobby.

However, as of last year, clubs now require a $25 fee to join, which now restricts club members. Inevitably, this raises the question as to why a non-profit organization/activity might need students to cough up some money. Moreover, why should students be required to pay to explore and enjoy their interests?

Compared to the whopping $385 “Pay to Play” fee that the Park requires of athletes competing in a “school funded” sport, $25 may seem like a rollback. On the other hand, the matter of principle is that after school clubs are meant to give students a reprieve from the constant struggle of school, while still in school. Once a fee is added, it’s like paying for happiness. It never works out for anyone.

Furthermore, the addition of an added fee could decrease the number of students participating in an after school activity. An added fee would come as a disadvantage to families who don’t have a decent income, or can’t keep up with all the costs that school demands (i.e. clothes, school supplies, technology, etc.). Students that work to pay for their social lives would not see the benefits to joining a club when $25 at a McDonald’s with a couple of friends should do the trick. In the end, something would have to give, whether it’s friends, sports or other obligations.

Students get involved because they see that the sacrifice of their time is worth the benefits they receive: friendships, participation in a school activity, expansion of resume and all the memories that come along with being in a club (as corny as it sounds). In this day and age, students are trying to pay for gas, go to the movies and do fun activities with friends. The addition of a school fee for after school clubs is unnecessary and should not be required of students and their families.