Not just another skeleton

Chloe Barbosa, Deputy News Editor

I stopped dead in my tracks. I’d found it. There he was, looking at me with his dark, soulless eyes. I used all my strength to resist buying him because of his $80 price tag, but when I checked out I saw that it was 60 percent off the next day. Of course, I had to go back for him. I buckled him in the car and prepared for my adventure with Clyde the skeleton.

At the time, I didn’t know what to do with him; later, I had the idea to make an Instagram account for him (@clydebarbosa). I had dressed him up as a “frat boy” and posted the picture online. Since then, he’s been photographed cooking, standing outside Schoolcraft College and holding a baby. However, there was something missing. A certain emptiness lingered. Clyde was lonely.

clyde-dogChloe Barbosa

So I went back to the store, and bought a companion to ease Clyde’s troubles. This time it was a girl and her name was Carmelita. One glimpse, and Clyde was a goner. Gathering his courage, Clyde made a move. He surprised her with a romantic, candlelit dinner out on the terrace with some Spaghetti-Os. Since then, the two have been nearly inseparable. They’ve adopted a dog, Jack Skellington, and live comfortably in my attic.

These skeletons are more than just Halloween decorations. They are a part of the family, although my mom is thinking of kicking them out. She says they are some no-good freeloaders. Either way, it’s an adventure. Remember to go follow Clyde on Instagram @clydebarbosa and to give him a shout out. Who knows what the future holds for Clyde?