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Listen Up #6

Colby Johnson, Reporter

March 22, 2017

Already known for his experimental music, Dave Longstreth of Dirty Projectors just released a new track entitled “Cool Your Heart,” featuring artist D∆WN. Longstreth wrote the song soon after experiencing heartbreak which...

“The Female of the Species” Book Review

Gagana Borra, Reporter

February 23, 2017

  In Mindy McGinnis’s book, “The Female of the Species," Alex, Peekay and Jack are seniors in high school with different outlooks on life. Jack is the perfect package: good looks, valedictorian-worthy intelligence...

Listen Up #5

Colby Johnson, Reporter

January 13, 2017

Dec. 25 was a great day not only because it was Christmas, but because it was also the release day of Run the Jewels' new self titled album, “Run the Jewels 3.” RTJ’s latest album was essentially a manifesto of the group ...

Health: Quinoa (keen-wah)

Morgan Stephens, Reporter

December 22, 2016

Although it sounds like a karate move, quinoa will do nothing besides knock your digestive system right on track (excuse the corny pun). Although the grain originated in the Inca Empire long before my time, quinoa is sold all...

“Hacksaw Ridge” Movie Review

Jacob Miller, Reporter

December 22, 2016

Mel Gibson is an incredibly talented filmmaker, possibly one of the best. His films have an uncommon grit and realism lacking in many of today’s most dramatic pictures. He is not afraid of pushing the envelope, of crafting scenes...

Listen Up #4

Colby Johnson, Reporter

December 20, 2016

Nov. 25 saw the release of The Weeknd’s new album “Starboy.” As of now, all 18 tracks on the album are charting hits. Some of the most popular songs on the album are “Six Feet Under,” “I Feel it Coming,” featuring...

Thanks, Food, and A Lot of Calories

Conner Reidel, Reporter

November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving is full of thanks, delicious food, lots of calories and popped pant buttons. There are many ways that students can have a healthier Thanksgiving this year. On the morning of Thanksgiving, students should eat breakfast....

Listen Up #2

Colby Johnson, Copy Editor

November 22, 2016

On Thursday, Julie Byrne released a new single entitled “Natural Blue,” a beautifully written artistic piece with calming instrumentals, brought together by Byrne’s deep voice. In “Natural Blue,” Byrne sings of small...

Modern Renaissance Palette Lives Up To Expectations

Rachel Quigley, Reporter

November 16, 2016

In the makeup world, the most popular shades for this fall are dark red, orange and olive green. While the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills doesn’t offer any green shades, the fiery berry and neutral tones...

Listen Up-Weekly Music Update

Colby Johnson, Copy Editor

November 16, 2016

This week saw the release of A Tribe Called Quest’s sixth and reportedly last album entitled “We Got It From Here.” This album features all four original members as well as a plethora of guests including Kanye West and Jack...

Not just another skeleton

Not just another skeleton

Chloe Barbosa, Deputy News Editor

November 9, 2016

The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park