Listen Up #7

If you spent this Valentine’s Day alone, then artist Thundercat has the song just for you. “Friend Zone,” is a brand new release from his upcoming album, “Drunk,” and frankly, it’s great. It’s a funky, revenge song chock full of petty lyrics talking about the frustration of being locked away in the friend zone by the person you like, something that most of us can relate to. Thundercat delivers yet another hilarious and relatable song that reminds us that “I’d rather stay home and play Mortal Kombat anyways.”

Also very recently, artists Super Deluxe had the brilliant idea of turning our new president’s latest tweets into a song. An early 2000’s emo-pop song to be exact, and despite the fact that the song was intended to be a joke, it is actually pretty good.

The song is something that’s swiftly gaining popularity much to the dismay of the new leader of the free world. Even though it was posted just this past weekend, it already has over 121,000 views on YouTube and has been retweeted over 25,000 times on twitter. Trump has only himself to blame for this, the whiney tone of many of his tweets sung in a strained voice and put to some edgy music is destined to be an instant hit.