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The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

The Perspective

The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

The Perspective

Mia Odeh, age 45, speaks about her experience
writing her memoir. November 1, 2022.

‘It always lives in my mind’: Author Mia Odeh speaks on catharsis, love and finding light in the dark

Nidhi Kundargi, Business Manager November 24, 2022

When Mia Odeh, at the tender age of sixteen, was forced into marriage with an abusive 35-year-old man in her childhood home in Palestine and then was made to move to the United States, it appeared to everyone...

A bluejay glances to its left on a tree branch in Kensington Metropark.

Conservation efforts are working to combat the declining bird population

Sejal Naik, Copy Editor October 24, 2022

“Even outside of Eco Club, [protecting birds] is a part of my life,” said Jaspreet Kaur, Salem student and leader of Eco Club, a P-CEP club that focuses on protecting the environment through education...

The outside of the Ford Motor Company Robotics building is empty as classes commence inside. October 7, 2022.

Time to apply: a guide to the college application process

Arya Sharma October 17, 2022

As the November 1 early admission college application deadline draws near, many students find themselves feeling the stress. However, this seemingly complicated process can be broken down to become far...

Class of 2021 Capstone Symposium display. May, 2021.

Arts Academy students share capstone process

Logan Wilkowski October 10, 2022

Arts Academy seniors have recently begun the long journey of creating their own unique capstone projects, including ideas such as painting, music and fashion. Arts Academy (AA) is one of four Optional...

Kwassui Junior & Senior High School in Nagasaki City, Japan, sits atop a hill. June 30, 2022.

Journals from Japan: Packing and preparations

Grace Ridpath, International Correspondent August 15, 2022

It’s that time of year again.  Back to school season is upon us. While many students are busy picking up their schedules and new school supplies, others await their plane tickets. Despite being...

A sleep-deprived teenager sleeps in a bed. August 11, 2022.

Pushing back school start times: the impact sleep deprivation has on teenagers

Arya Sharma, Guest writer August 11, 2022

Beginning in 2013, the Start School Later movement sparked conversation around a topic that most people previously overlooked: high school start times.  Sleep experts generally conclude that high schools,...

Zayd Syed, Salem senior, takes the tip-off for his team, OVO Elite, on July 24 at the Muslim Community Mosque in Farmington Hills.

MCM’s recreational basketball league brings high school students together during the summer of 2022

Sanjana Madapa, Social Media Editor July 29, 2022

The Muslim Community Mosque of Farmington Hills (MCM) recreational basketball league has become a hub for high schools boys of all religions who are brought together by their love for the sport.  Founded...

“We Bear” by Parker Ayers is displayed in the exhibit for people to see. Ann Arbor, Mich. July 21, 2022.

Incarcerated individuals display art in the ‘We Bear’ exhibit

Sejal Naik, Copy Editor July 25, 2022

The “We Bear” exhibit is making its debut in the United States during the Guild’s 2022 Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair. The art was created during the COVID-19 lockdown by 31 incarcerated individuals...

The sign identifying the accompanying building as Salem High School stands in front of the school on a sunny morning. June 3, 2022.

The lockdown at P-CEP continues to affect the community six months later

Sejal Naik, Copy Editor July 9, 2022

“It was very quiet, but you could feel the panic,” said Isabella Tulchinsky, Salem senior, when describing her experience in the December 2021 lockdown at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP). All...

Dale Palmer (left), takes a selfie with his wife, Norma Palmer (right), and his daughter, Sofia Palmer (middle).

Veteran, teacher, husband, father and Star Wars fan: Remembering Dale Palmer

Tyler Klimek and The Perspective Staff June 16, 2022

Dale Palmer, loved by many within the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park and the greater community as a whole, passed away on May 21, 2022, after receiving a diagnosis of stage 4 prostate cancer in May 2020....

The cafeteria in Canton High School is empty as students transition between class periods. May 31, 2022.

Funding the K-12 school lunches program: Healthy eating comes with a price

Killian Civiero, Guest writer May 31, 2022

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is one of 15 executive departments, and within its “Food and Nutrition Service” agency are the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the National...

Dominic Walkers second-semester Project-based Learning class. May 26, 2022.

Project-based learning offers community connection to students

Shahab Alriyashi, Editor May 31, 2022

The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP) offers around 300 different courses on campus, with a mix of required and elective courses. One course in particular, Project-based Learning (PBL), stands out...