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2018-2019 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Cora WallenEditor in ChiefSee Cora Wallen's profile
See Cora Wallen's profile
Cameron Lindsay Editor in ChiefSee Cameron Lindsay 's profile
See Cameron Lindsay 's profile
Fiona HughesEditor in ChiefSee Fiona Hughes's profile
See Fiona Hughes's profile
Emily GilbertsonDesign EditorSee Emily Gilbertson's profile
See Emily Gilbertson's profile
Sache KrishnarajDesign EditorSee Sache Krishnaraj's profile
See Sache Krishnaraj's profile
Morgan McCotterDistribution/ Promotion ManagerSee Morgan McCotter's profile
See Morgan McCotter's profile
Diya BanerjeeFeatures Department Editor See Diya Banerjee's profile
See Diya Banerjee's profile
Emma BaliNews Department EditorSee Emma Bali's profile
See Emma Bali's profile
Brett CaldwellEntertainment EditorSee Brett Caldwell's profile
See Brett Caldwell's profile
Lilli KeehnCopy EditorSee Lilli Keehn's profile
See Lilli Keehn's profile
Olivia BlackburnCopy EditorSee Olivia Blackburn's profile
See Olivia Blackburn's profile
Laurence YangCopy EditorSee Laurence Yang's profile
See Laurence Yang's profile
Kealani TappStaff Writer See Kealani Tapp's profile
See Kealani Tapp's profile
Amanda MancusoStaff WriterSee Amanda Mancuso's profile
See Amanda Mancuso's profile
Maria AngelosantoStaff WriterSee Maria Angelosanto's profile
See Maria Angelosanto's profile
Sebastien OstertagStaff WriterSee Sebastien Ostertag's profile
See Sebastien Ostertag's profile
Jordyn AudiSocial Media EditorSee Jordyn Audi's profile
See Jordyn Audi's profile
Isabelle FesslerOpinion WriterSee Isabelle Fessler's profile
See Isabelle Fessler's profile
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