Rockin’ N’ Ridin’

Hundreds of people, young and old, gathered together this past weeked for a day of fried food, fun, and worship. Cedar Point’s annual concert, Pointfest, took place on Saturday, Sept. 15. Pointfest is a Christian music concert held at theme park, Cedar Point. This event has been held for ten years now, and just keeps getting more popular year by year. With artists like Holly, Crowder, For King & Country and TobyMac, it’s hard to stay away from such a good time.

The way the festival works is this; when you buy your ticket(s) for the concert, you also get a ticket into the theme park itself for free. You can ride all day, and then rock out all night. The concert doesn’t start until 5pm, leaving you plenty of  time for fun in the park whether it’s riding roller coasters, playing games, or eating the fair food. There is a catch with this though; there is no early admission to the park. Those who purchase a Pointfest ticket can’t get into the park sooner than anyone else who isn’t there for the concert. Although that may seem like a bit of a bummer, the concert is set to end approximately at 10:15pm, so you can re-enter the park to continue your fun until closing time.

At any event, but most typically concerts, everyone wonders if there will be vendors who are selling food, merchandise, or souvenirs. To answer your question of “does Pointfest have that or is it just Cedar Point?” the answer is yes, Pointfest does have the vendors too. Multiple vendors gather in the back of the venue under tents with merch from all the artists performing for sale, as well as vendors with other clothing items with catchy sayings or slogans. There is a space for other tents at the venue as well, within them being representatives from Ohio Christian University, representatives from Compassion and employees from various Christian radio stations in Ohio.

As stated earlier, the lineup for this years show consisted of Hollyn, Crowder, For King & Country, and TobyMac. Each artist was ready to go with about an hour to an hour and a half setlist. The energy from each performer was through the roof and really made for a great show to watch. Performances including “Love With Your Life” by Hollyn, “Priceless” by For King & Country, and “Speak Life” by TobyMac truly stole the show.

A big surprise part of the show was the announcement of who will be headlining the show next year. During the rotation of Crowder and For King & Country, the big secret was revealed: TobyMac will be returning as well as Zach Williams who will perform on the Pointfest stage for the first time.