Conspiracy Theory: Denver Airport Hosts Illuminati

Chloe Barbosa, Deputy News Editor

If you believe in the Illuminati you probably know about the Denver Airport, but if you don’t, here is some weird but interesting information. It is thought that the Denver Airport is the headquarters to the New World Order, or the Illuminati.

The first piece odd thing about the airport is the giant blue mustang statue outside. It’s 32 feet tall and weighs over 9,000 pounds and its eyes glow red all hours of the day. Some have speculated that the horse represents the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, the fourth horseman represents death. The creepiest part of the statue though is that it killed the artist, Luis Jiménez that created it. In 2006, before the statue was completed, a piece fell off and severed an artery in Jiménez’s leg.

There is a dedication stone with an image that is similar to a secret society. Underneath the symbol it says, “New World Order Airport Commission” a group who helped fund and build the airport. The New World Order is believed to be a small group of powerful people working in secret throughout all of history to establish a single global government. Some think they evolved out of the Freemason Secret Society that has said to exist since the middle ages. More evidence that it’s the New World Order is that if you add up the airport’s dedication date you get 33 which is the highest level in the Freemasons.

The murals around the airport are just as disturbing. It’s been theorized that they reflect what the world will be like when the New World Order takes over. One mural includes a Nazi soldier and a quote from a child in Auschwitz. The two main murals represent the destruction of the environment and the desire to get rid of violence in society.

Many conspiracies also give an idea of what’s under the Denver Airport. A construction worker said that there is a multi-story building under the airport that has secret rooms such as fallout shelters for the elite. There have been many construction workers that have said there is a complex network of tunnels beneath the airport.

It’s thought that there may be a time capsule underneath that is set to be open in 2094. Hopefully we all live that long to see if it’s real.