Humans of PCEP: Rishi Mahesh does it all

For Plymouth senior Rishi Mahesh, one activity wasn’t enough.

Mahesh is involved with the Acting and Tech department in the Park Players Theatre Company, the International Thespian Honor Society, National Honor Society (NHS) and Spanish Honor Society.

Not only is he a member of these groups, but he holds numerous positions within them. For the past two years, he has been president of the Thespian Honor Society and is currently Plymouth speaker and co-president of NHS.

He also is the founder of the Spanish Honor Society, so the group is important to him.

“One of my biggest goals right now is to organize a large volunteering event for Spanish Honor Society. I want this organization to be meaningful, and hope that I can make this first event as impactful as possible,” said Mahesh.

Mahesh is a big believer in doing what you love and not caring what others will have to say.

“I think the Park offers a good opportunity for kids to really demonstrate who they are and what they enjoy outside of the classroom. I like that kids are excited about making the days entertaining for themselves and others, and feel comfortable doing things that are kinda out there,” said Mahesh.

One of his favorite hobbies outside of school is playing music whenever he gets the free time, “If I’m stressed about how an event or project will turn out, but can’t be actively doing something to give that project a higher probability of success, then my time is better toward something else. Having interests and pursuits in the arts helps with that; it lets me take my mind off some of the other things going on.”

Mahesh said that it does get stressful sometimes having so much going on, but he believes that “stress is necessary as a motivator and nothing else.”

Earlier in the school year, he won homecoming king alongside Queen Kayla Dudek. He also had a large effort in the Hillary Clinton presidency campaign, walking around with a Clinton sign even after she lost to Donald Trump.

Salem senior and fellow NHS board member Katie Xu said, “Rishi is the type of person who is passionate for the things he believes in. The comedic means through which he spreads his messages are what attracts people to listen, in my opinion. He takes serious issues, like the presidential election, and adds a funny twist on it so people will actually be interested in what he’s saying.”

Mahesh seems to be always smiling, ready to strike up a conversation with whomever wants to talk.

Canton senior Catherine Marudo said, “Rishi makes my life better. He oozes positivity and charisma, and I genuinely am so grateful to have met him freshman year and call him my friend.”

“Rishi has impacted my life in a number of ways. Most notably, though, it has definitely been his unwavering sense of positivity and the air of happiness he carries with him wherever he goes; whether it be cheering people up with jokes, often at his own expense, or offering a smile as you pass him in the halls, Rishi is a guy who you know you can enjoy life with,” said Xu.

Mahesh participates in activities he loves, and he encourages others to do the same.

Mahesh said his motto is, “Live genuinely and live passionately. Do things you actively enjoy and make sure to make each moment count. Don’t waste the time you have, make as many moments memorable as you’re lucky enough to experience.”