Winter Sports Perspective Picks

The Perspective sports editors have assembled an All-Park team for  basketball, bowling, competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, wrestling, and boys hockey teams. Including the best players at each position from each of the three schools. These players have been noticed by not only their teammates, but by other players on opposing Park teams. 


Girls Basketball

Canton senior Brianna Finn

Canton senior Erin Hult

Plymouth senior Alexa Ebeling

Plymouth junior Chantal LeDoux

Salem senior Emily Stewart


Girls Bowling

Canton senior Meghan Macunovich

Plymouth sophomore Maddie Harden

Salem freshman Emily Zach

Salem senior Leah Boucha

Salem freshman Lexis Silverman


Girls Gymnastics

Plymouth junior Emily Caragay

Plymouth junior Paige Sanders

Canton junior Rachel Socha

Canton senior Jana Hilditch

Canton senior Kelsea Kernosek

Salem junior Jordyn Williams

Salem sophomore Riley Fisher


Girls Competitive Cheerleading

Plymouth junior Sutherlyn Olah

Plymouth junior Maddy Thorp

Plymouth sophomore Kaitlynn Biro

Salem senior Megan Dole

Salem junior Savannah Bergevin

Canton senior Jitte Oak


Boys Basketball

Canton sophomore B. Artis White

Canton sophomore Vinson Sigmon

Salem senior Cameron Grace

Plymouth junior Joey Robb

Plymouth junior Tariq Woody



Salem senior Bruce Haslitt

Salem senior Akashdeep Rai

Plymouth senior Ethan Shulaw

Plymouth senior Joey Ahern

Canton senior Justin Winnie

Canton senior Jeremy VanBerkel


Boys Bowling

Salem senior Alex Mattson

Salem senior Mitchell Rusinek

Plymouth senior Justin O’ Shaughnessy

Plymouth sophomore Alan Brown

Canton senior Dominic Dimaya

Canton senior David Hess


Boys Hockey 

Canton senior Michael Gaffka

Salem senior Austin Marthaler

Salem senior Matt Schaumburger

Plymouth junior Timothy Baldwin

Plymouth senior Colton Borke

Plymouth junior Brenden Olepa