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Seniors, are they staying or leaving?


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College decision day was May 1, and at the Park there were a wide variety of colleges from across the country being chosen.

Out-of-state tuition has a reputation for being fairly high. However, out-of-state colleges typically tend to be more generous in their scholarship offerings to out-of-state students; this number usually increases if they are private as well.

Salem senior Stephanie Miller received a solid scholarship from the University of Kentucky, which contributed to her decision. She also had the opportunity to play lacrosse for Davenport University in Grand Rapids, but ultimately chose Kentucky to study nursing.

In Michigan, the two most desired universities are extremely stingy with in-state scholarships. It’s very rare to get a solid amount of money from Michigan State and the University of Michigan if you’re a Michigan resident, unless you’re on an athletic scholarship.

Athletic scholarships also can influence out-of-state decisions. Plymouth senior Logan Tennis also received a scholarship from Trine University in Angola, Ind. to play football. “Trine offers me the best opportunity to further my academic and athletic career in football at the next level, and overall [Trine] was just a good fit for me based on what I was looking for,” said Tennis, who is going to be studying social studies education with a minor in coaching so that after college he can fulfill his dream of coaching football.

Canton senior Lauren Rippy is attending the Ivy League school Brown University to study economics. “I got a scholarship for hockey, and I think it’s important not to limit yourself to just one area,” she said.

Madison Mullins, Salem senior is attending DePaul University in Chicago, Ill. to study International Business/Finance/Business Administration. Mullins agreed saying, “I want to have a chance to figure out what I want to do with my life and who I want to be without being confined to the people and places that I’ve grown accustomed to.”

Some students still chose to stay in-state for price reasons, though. Canton senior Alex Demember is attending Western Michigan University to study Pre-Law/Psychology “because it’s cheaper.”

Hannah Dixon, Salem senior, is staying in-state and attending Central Michigan University to study Special Education in Speech and Auditory Learning. “The only way I’d go out of state is if I transferred because my mom is moving,” said Dixon.

Some kids got into their dream schools, whether that’s right here in Michigan or in another state.

Plymouth senior Rishi Mahesh will be attending Northwestern University next year. “It’s completely and totally my dream school, and fits me in a way that the University of Michigan (which Mahesh also received admission to) did not,” said Mahesh. “It’s a small campus with challenging academics, but still has Big 10 athletics. It’s located on the lake with a beach and trails on campus, but has views of the Chicago skyline visible from the dorms.” He also mentioned that the school has a quarter system, which enables him to accomplish his goal of majoring in economics and theatre at the same time.


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Seniors, are they staying or leaving?