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Crack The Code


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“Break the dress for day,” or rather “Break the dress code day?” on May 25 was intended to be the second annual “Crack the Code” day at P-CEP; however, this year due to a number of reasons, participation was almost nonexistent.

Last year around this same time Demetrius Fields, at the time a Salem senior, took charge of organizing the senior prank by organizing and advertising a day intended for everyone to rebel against school rules and defiantly break the dress code. The day was well organized so all students knew about it, while keeping administration out of the loop. One of the differences this year was just the complete lack of awareness by students. Andrea Tabar, Canton senior, when asked about Crack the Code Day responded with, “It was break the dress code day?”

Tabar was not the only example of a student who was unaware. Hailey Domzalski, Canton junior, also says, “I had no idea it was today.” She also said that she believed it was poorly advertised and would have participated if she had known. This is the feedback we heard from most students. Domzalski, however, did comment on another possible factor: the cold weather. She says, “I think the weather may have affected it, but most people, I think especially the boys who are ‘dare devilish’ would have participated rain or shine.”

The temperatures on the projected day fluctuated between the low of 55 degrees and high of only 63 degrees, with high winds and rain scattered throughout the day. This type of weather doesn’t generally prompt people to show up to school in their shortest shorts and strapless tops. Tabar, who did not know about the event, said due to the cold weather she would have rather been wearing leggings and an oversized shirt anyways.

There were students who knew and didn’t know, and some who still would not have participated anyways, but the poor weather just sealed the deal. Micah Carpenter, Plymouth senior, says, “I would most likely not have participated to be honest, I don’t really wear shorts or tank tops. Maybe if it was just a crazy big deal to prove a point, then I might. But the weather would have made me just miserable.”

The “Crack the Code” day was an uproar of an event in the past that was a symbol of rebellion against the dress code that is a burden on many girls and even guys in the warm weather. This year, however, was a dud due to lack of leadership and organization and some lousy weather to boot.

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Crack The Code