P-CEP students look in on World Series

The Houston Astros are leading the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 in the race for the World Series pennant.

Over the course of the last two weeks, the two electrifying baseball teams have been mashing each other in the race for the MLB World Series Pennant.  Baseball is considered America’s favorite pastime by many and the series in the eyes of many P-CEP students.  

According to a Twitter poll posted on the Perspective’s account, 64 percent of responders want the Houston Astros to win the pennant, in comparison to the 36 percent who are cheering for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  

Plymouth senior Mitch Harber is cheering for the Astros and said, “I want to see Justin Verlander get the ring he deserves, but never won in Detroit.”  Verlander, a pitcher for the Astros and former Detroit Tiger, is a fan favorite here in Michigan and has been a key piece to the Astros’ success this postseason.  

Plymouth senior Chris Chin is also cheering for the Astros and said, “The city has been through a lot the last few months.  There would be nothing better than to see Houston win this for their people.”  

Not all students are cheering for the Astros.  

Canton senior Jacob Paton said, “I’m rooting for the Dodgers.  Their team has an excellent blend of experienced stars in Kershaw and Turner mixed with young, dynamic talents like Bellinger and Puig.  It makes them a really fun team to watch.”