Water Wars is a Waste of Time

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For most, senior year is the time to apply for college, work, and start saving money. To take the stress off of this life changing year, most seniors decide to participate in Water Wars.

This year, Water Wars is run by three judges: Kasey Anthony (Plymouth senior), Erfan Rastgoo (Salem senior), and Jack Perry (Canton senior). The job of the judges is to mediate all teams and make sure everyone is following both the legal and game rules.

Water Wars consists of 96 six-player teams. These teams are split into 3 brackets and each judge is in charge of a bracket.  

Before the game begins, the captain of each team must turn in $60 to the judges ($10 per person) to ensure their spot in the game. The first place winner gets a $3000 prize, second place gets $1,400, and third place gets $750 to split between six teammates.

Since Water Wars is a bracket style tournament, each week teams are versing head against one other team in their bracket. The goal of the game is to have more people out on the opposing team than your own.

Each round lasts for Monday at 12am until Sunday at 12pm. After Sunday at noon, the captain sends the score of the game to the Water Wars twitter account. If you lose, your team is done. If you win, your team moves onto the next round.

With so many rules and restrictions, how fun could this game possibly be?

This year many places are now off limits such as Red Olive, Tropical Smoothie, and Olga’s. Business owners realize Water Wars distracts their workers from getting their job done so they banned Water Wars activities on their property. This means you cannot get anybody ‘out’ at these locations.

Water Wars has also made some paranoid that they are being stalked.  Personally, it is terrifying to know that people can simply search me on the internet and find information that is supposed to be confidential. Most opponents find addresses, phone numbers, and even place of employment with a quick search of a name.

Students also like to stay in their homes or safe spots around Plymouth-Canton. Therefore, the opposing team cannot get them or else they are disqualified. Water Wars is supposed to be about getting the team your against out with water, not about hiding inside and never coming out to face your opponent.  

When it all comes down to it, each player paid $10 and signed a waiver just to be stalked, harassed, and have half of Plymouth-Canton off limits. It seems like Water Wars is more about disqualifications and breaking rules than just having fun the last month of senior year.

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