Senior Advice for Next Year’s Graduating Class

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It’s that time of the year. Seniors are in their last home stretch and just days away from the very last day of high school. It can be a bittersweet moment. Most seem to have been affected with Senioritis, but we’ve all made it.
The future can be scary, especially when you’re finally going out into the real world whether it’s moving onto college, going into the military, or just getting a job straight out of high school. It’s not just scary for graduating seniors; it can also be scary for those juniors that will soon become seniors.
A few seniors decided to share some advice for future seniors that they were either given before senior year or something they have learned over the last year.
Senior year shouldn’t be made too stressful but it’s not a time to slack off. Zac Richards, Canton Senior, said in simple words, “Stay active at school and pay attention in classes.” That should be a give, every year in high school is important whether it’s your first or your last.
Diana Devine, Salem Senior, said, “Senioritis is a state of mind. You can’t let it take over while you’re trying to finish your high school experience. You can’t give up and you need to keep working until you are walking across the graduation stage.”
Senioritis is a common theme among seniors and typically seems to truly begin after spring break. It’s been a long four years and everyone is ready to get out, but it’s best to keep trying and push through.
Another good piece of advice came from Canton Senior, Danielle Helms. She said, “Try to have fun. Get involved; go to baseball games or plays or fundraisers. Enjoy your last year, but remember to still stay focused with your school work. Find that balance between having fun and making sure you pass your classes.”
For seniors, be proud of your accomplishments and getting through high school. For juniors, prepare for your last year and make it a memorable one.

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