Plymouth Boys XC


As the days go by in the school year, the Plymouth Boys XC team is taking running to a whole new level this year. Improving their skills and teamwork for the end of the season they’re in.

Interviewing one of the top ranked runners on the team, Carter Solomon, Plymouth junior, he had some great information about how their season is going.

The Perspective: When are your next meets and against who?

Solomon: “ Most races from here on out have a bunch of teams, but we have a race Saturday called Wayne County, the Plymouth, Canton, and Salem tri-meet next Thursday, conferences, regionals, and state are all relatively close as well.”

The Perspective: Who are some of the best runners/team captains?

Solomon: “ We don’t have any captains, but our top 5 include Patrick Byrnes(sophomore), Brandon Boyd(senior), Jarrett Warner(senior), Tyler Mussen(junior), and myself.”

The Perspective: How has the season been going so far?

Solomon: “ I would say pretty well. Last year we finished second in the state. This year we are ahead of where we were at this point last season, so we are improving as a whole.”

Our Plymouth Boys XC team seems to be improving by the year, working harder as a team and pushing themselves to do better.

The Perspective asked one last question to Solomon as the interview dimmed to an end.

The Perspective: Are all of the guys on the team close in friendship?

Solomon: “ I would say so. We share a special bond that’s hard to find on any other high school sports team.”

As the season for the boys come to an end, they are now projected to win states and Solomon has the #1 time in Michigan and 20th in the Nation!