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Softball has become a very popular sport going into college, but what about high school?  At the Park there’s been a shortage of girls trying out for Softball. This pasts years tryouts were a little bit of a struggle for the returners because our last coaches had to take some time off, so we had a hard time finding a new coach. Until the first day of our tryouts where we met our new coach, we were all kinds of nervous to start all over again with a new coach and new girls trying out, coming in day by day as the tryouts slowly turned to an end.

As Softball  started we lost a few players going up to Varsity, so it was hard for us to regroup. As the season started to turn to the middle, Plymouths team effort and hard work started to get even more powerful in our games. We all worked a lot harder in practices, we also started going to extra practices and started to do team bonding dinners.

What’s great about Softball is the team bonding you have and friendships that are made during the process of teamwork. The coaches at the Park want you to have great discipline for Softball, even if it means doing something over and over again.  

This Softball season is going to be one to remember with the new girls trying out, the new things we are going to learn and the hard work we are going to put into this season.

As senior year comes around for some of the Softball players, it’s time for them to decide if they want to go to college for Softball or not. Many girls do end up going to college for Softball and some just want to keep it in the high school season and not go into college sports.

Plymouth Softball will be excited to see you at tryouts for this spring’s season. Dates are to be determined, but until then work hard for the upcoming season.

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