“Outlaw King” Netflix Movie Review

Set in Scotland during 1304, “Outlaw King” is based upon the true story of Robert the Bruce, played by Chris Pine. Shortly after becoming King of Scotland, the Bruce was banished and overthrown by the King of England, Edward I. The Bruce and a group of outlaws fought to regain his throne.

The setting of the film created the appropriate mood for the events taking place in each scene. The scenery was absolutely stunning; Scotland is a beautiful place, and the movie displayed it as such. At times the camera movement was dizzying and constantly circled around the characters. However, it didn’t last very long and only occurred a few times.

Surprisingly, Chris Pine’s faux Scottish accent was halfway decent. The main actors performed well, expressing great amounts of emotion, but the extras were very obviously not trained actors. Unfortunately, there was a large amount of extras. The relationships between the characters had many layers. This element of mystery kept things interesting.

      The film did not hold back on the violence and bloodshed. Anyone with a weak stomach may want to avoid this movie. The gore begins to feel excessive and unnecessary. The brutality took away from some of the redeeming qualities of the characters.

Those who do not mind a fair share of violence, and who like a lot of fight scenes, will enjoy this film. It may also peak the interest of fans of historical movies. “Outlaw King” will keep you on your toes with nonstop action.

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