The Office Revival

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Years after “The Office” ended, people are still quoting and reenacting certain scenes from the popular television show. Not to mention that it’s on Netflix and reruns are on Comedy Central all the time. It’s time to bring “The Office” back to television for another season.

Unfortunately, if the show returned not all the characters would be able to come back. According to TVLine, Steve Carell has confirmed that he will not return if the show is brought back. TVLine also reported that the cast would be a mix of old and new characters. Although I would like to see the old characters return, it would be cool to see some new faces. After all, some great characters arrived in the middle of the show. For example Karen, Erin and Andy weren’t in the first season of “The Office.”

While some may say that the show is washed up and is too inappropriate for today, I strongly disagree. If that is true, why do so many people still watch it? I, along with many others, think the humor in “The Office” is hilarious. Furthermore, as long as shows like “South Park” are still on television I don’t think anyone should be worried about how appropriate the humor in “The Office” is.

There is no reason for NBC to not bring “The Office” back. The show shouldn’t have ended after its ninth season. It’s been over half a decade since the last episode aired. Give fans what they have long been clamoring for and renew “The Office,” even if it’s just for one last season.

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