Usefulness of Drones

Drones are a great idea for military and police needs. As you know, many man-hours are wasted patrolling the borders as well as putting border patrol in unsafe situations. If drones are programmed, they can do the same thing and provide alert if suspicious activities occur. Instead, at this time there are people constantly watching the borders around the clock.

We all order pizza every now and then, but do humans need to waste their time delivering them when more can be made and delivered even faster with drones? There’s a speed limit on the roads, but is there one in the sky?

A great upcoming program is Amazon Prime Air. With 30-minute delivery, you can get your accessories, electronics and even your groceries in less than 30 minutes depending on where you live. Having a system like this has numerous benefits, ranging from quick and easy delivery of products to the convenience of getting your items directly shipped to your house.

Crimes are always happening somewhere. With drones flying around the area, they can look for anyone and report them and have facial recognition implemented into them. They can also “spy on crime hotspots.” This can lower the crime rate and make a more peaceful environment here on Earth. While drone theft is a possibility, there are ways this can be combated, with the use of alarms and safety mechanisms.