Students Need Control Over Their Education

The public school system is stuck in the past. Many would agree that the school system needs reform; however, change seems unattainable due to the lack of funding for public education. Adjustment will be difficult, but it is not impossible.

One very important adjustment that would come at no additional cost to the taxpayer is a shortened school day. This would free up time for students to take on things outside of school, or give them more time for the things they already enjoy. For many kids, there is little time spent just relaxing; they work, play sports, and practice hobbies among many other things. This lack of time is causing a lack of sleep. There is study after study that show the negative effects of sleep deprivation on health, and there is no denying that it is contributing to the immense amount of mental health issues among today’s youth. It is illogical to add more and more time to a student’s school day when they are already overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Another change that would not be costly is new class options that would grant more power to students. Currently P-CEP offers one hybrid class, in which students are only required to come to class a few days a week and assignments are completed online the remaining school days. This would allow students to work at a pace that suits them, while still offering opportunities to get help from a teacher. Hybrid classes could provide adolescents with more control over their education.

Schools should dedicate more time to job study. Many high school graduates have only a faint idea of what their future will look like. Spending time to look over possible career options and learning different skills needed for these careers would partially alleviate the stress that comes with the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Preparing students so that they will become successful in their chosen career should be the first priority.

There are many ways that the public school system could be changed for the better, but the thing that stands out most is finding ways to grant students more freedom over their education.