Making a Time Capsule

Time capsules preserve a moment in history to be shared with future generations. But what does one put in a time capsule? With the input of several Park students from a survey, a list of ideas was created.

Most survey participants agreed that photos are a necessity, whether that means photos of oneself, one’s family and friends or of the community. The safest bet would be to add a few of each. Photos can really show how time has transformed life. They capture memories that remind one of the good times.

Another item that several people suggested including was a letter. Letters can brief people from the future on issues the country once faced. They can include current thoughts and feelings to see how you have changed over time. If you address the letter to yourself, it could be a very personal testament of growth.

Many time capsules include personal mementos. These sentimental items may have traveled with someone for years, like a charm bracelet or piece of clothing. Others may just be reminders of beloved memories such as yearbooks and concert tickets.

Some of the students who responded to the survey took a humorous route when choosing what item they would put in a time capsule. One participant poked fun at this generation’s dependence on technology, when they recommended including an iPhone. Another suggested a water bottle stating that, “I’m probably going to be thirsty if global warming keeps heatin’ up the planet.” A different student suggested throwing in a few bizarre things to confuse whoever opens the capsule. The items this participant suggested were “an intricate drawing of a lamp, a gumball, two dry black beans, a picture of Danny Devito, and a few pieces of tree bark.”

These ideas can be a starting point for anyone interested in making a time capsule. Everyone’s capsule is different. You could stuff it to the brim or only include one thing. You could make it meaningful or a total joke. Whether creating one for your future self or total strangers, putting together a time capsule can be a lot of fun.