C’s Get Degrees

Constantly throughout high school often a big topic of conversions in lunch rooms and during class, for some their beloved and most prized asset, for others their downfall, your GPA. A students’ grade point matters, in terms of opening doors for your future and creating a base layer of motivation and striving for your best effort. However we all know a few kids who may not be the smartest cookie in class, may not have the best test scores, or grades but they have something even better, their kindness, and ability to to overcome obstacles and always no matter put their best foot forward. GPA is the measurement of one’s ability to succeed on tests and assignments, occasionally participation.

Often kids with stellar grade point averages are always concerned with their grades and don’t focus on life itself. We often have situations and unforeseen circumstances in our life constantly, you might not do well one semester, you could be taking a difficult class. What matters is one’s drive, and perseverance to always give their best effort. GPA shows one general talent in terms of retaining information and relaying it back. But GPA doesn’t show one’s character, kindness, and in some cases work ethic.

Your GPA does not define you. Your GPA does not show the struggle of balancing multiple different classes with organizations and other social activities. Your GPA does not show the countless numbers of hours you studied for an exam, only to bomb it once again. Your GPA does not show the confidence you felt after walking out of an exam, only to find that you actually failed it by a lot. Your GPA does not show all of the effort you put in to your hardest class, only to barely come out with a C. Your GPA does not show the tutoring and the homework and the multiple YouTube videos you endured to try and understand exactly what is going on in your classes.