Disney Movies: Original vs. Live Action

We all are aware of Disney, especially the animated classics. Although It seems the live action remakes of these movies are starting to take over, I prefer the original Disney movies. Seeing these original Disney films at a young age gave me more room in my life for imagination. These movies made me and a lot of other people, feel almost all emotions; happy, mad, scared, surprised and a tad bit sad for movies like “The Lion King.”

I have seen all of the live action remakes that have been made and I didn’t have the highest expectations going into the theaters. I’m not saying that these live action movies are trash, I do love the suspense and action that these movies bring, but they’re way too predictable. They are literally just real life copies of the originals with no new plots or anything original. I was, and am, a cartoon person, so just having a cartoon-loving mindset draws me towards the cartoon animated stories. I feel that all of the original Disney movies have an iconic moment that will live on in our memories forever. Plus, the original Disney movies have iconic characters that are cool, humorous and most importantly, meant to be in animated form. Who wants to see a live action Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Goofy movie? Anyone? My point exactly. It’s as simple as that. If you are looking for wholesome, funny and completely awesome kids movies, the Disney originals are what you’re looking for.