Roze Clothing and Apparel

In recent years there has been an uprise of student-run clothing brands reaching out to the Park’s student body. Roze Clothing and Apparel is similar in this regard, as it was started by students for students who walk the Park’s paths.

The Roze brand was created by Connor Elkins and Jacob Mozurkewich, Plymouth juniors, and Atlee Mark, Canton junior, in P-CEP’s Graphics Design class three weeks ago. It started as a hopeful dream and quickly grew into a reality. They plan on expanding production outside of the Park’s campus and into their garage.

“Roze is meant to represent something beautiful and growing,” said Elkins, “We see all different walks of life and the goal is to touch all walks of life and show them we care.”

They’ve developed 13 prints designed by Mozurkewich. The designs mostly consist of surreal images on patterned backgrounds. The brand will consist of shirts and patches but they plan to expand their realm of clothing.

The founders said “Starting local is very important to us,” and they plan to utilize social media to advertise their brand.

The three boys seem hopeful and enthusiastic about the future of Roze clothing and apparel.  They don’t currently have an official shop, but are hoping to spread their brand by word of mouth until that point.