Practical Law and Team Games Class Review

Practical Law is a semester long class, which explores the legal system. While it isn’t a required class, I believe it’s an important class that every student should consider taking. Practical Law teaches you about the severity of crimes, including the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. You also learn the difference between a criminal and civil case. Along with all this you’ll also learn about the long appeals system and about illegal searches.

Another incentive for taking the class is that the class is easy. Larry Alsobrooks, who was my teacher, said so himself. There is little to no homework; therefore the class is graded based on classwork and tests. Also, you watch movies based on very interesting legal cases.

Furthermore, Larry Alsobrooks is a very helpful teacher who will answer your questions and provide advice in case you ever get pulled over or need to show up to court because you received a ticket. Practical Law is one of the most helpful classes I’ve taken at the Park and I recommend it for all students.

Team Games is a very fun class to take. In this class you’ll play sports such as basketball, volleyball, flag football and ultimate frisbee. The class is graded 100% on participation. There’s no tests or homework, all you have to do to earn points is show up and change. While you’re not going to learn anything new academically in the class, there are still many reasons to take Team Games.

We all know that high school can be grueling, especially junior and senior year. Team Games is a good break from all of the other stressful classes. Additionally, if you’re trying to become more active there is plenty of physical activity when playing sports. Team Games is one of the most fun classes I’ve taken at the Park and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes being physically active or/and likes sports.