Count Day Numbers Favorable

Madison Miazek, Layout Editor

Over the past few years, the Plymouth-Canton school district has been seeing a decrease in the number of students enrolled. But as count day numbers are now in for the 2016-2017 school year, the district has started to see a positive change in the number of enrollments.

Nicholas Brandon, the district Director of Communications said, “Overall we are currently seeing a slightly positive increase in the fall enrollment numbers, which is especially impressive considering both the decreased birth rate, and enrollment projections that were predicting a continuation of the decreases the district has experienced in the past few years.”

Below are the Count Day numbers:

CANTON 541 456 494 520 3 10/5/16 2,014
PLYMOUTH 556 527 520 523 20 10/05/2016 2,146
SALEM 531 515 511 491 10 10/05/2016 2,058
TOTAL 1,628 1,498 1,525 1,534 6,218

Brandon also stated that the district is seeing positive signs that their kindergarten numbers will be up from last year.  The district will have a final count confirmed later in the month.