Shot On Goal: Penguins Go To Playoffs

On Monday, March 6, the PCS girls hockey team entered their first and final round of playoffs. Sadly, the Penguins fell to Mercy High School.
Last year the team placed in division one for the first time in the team’s history. Since then the girls have been working hard to keep the reputation of being the underdog and the team to beat. Alexis Phenney (senior) assistant captain, said, “I think the season went well this year. We have had one of the best records we’ve had in all the years I’ve been on the team.”
Mercy High School is one of PCS Penguins’ biggest rivals, along with Ladywood, Cranbrook and Walled Lake. The team beat Cranbrook the second time they played them. It was a huge accomplishment. Pheeney said, “We had just had a really tough loss that I wasn’t sure we could come back from. But we came back even stronger and ended up beating a team we haven’t beaten in four years.”
One of the team’s biggest struggles was keeping consistency. Jessica Marek (senior) said, “If we play all three periods well we should be good to go.”
In the areas of strength, Brianna Waggoner (senior) said, “My team is the strongest with picking up plays. My coach will teach us different strategies to use after one practice and we’re already using them in games.”
There were six graduating seniors on the team: Bryanna Lanzilotti, Alexis Pheeney, Jessica Marek, Serina Eadeh, Brianna Waggoner and Cathryn VandenBosh. For the seniors, they’ve had a great time playing on the team. said, “I’m going to miss my team and coaches more than anything else. They have definitely turned into my second family and I don’t know what I’m going to do without them.”