HUSH Haunted Attraction Review

Sept. 22 marked the return of HUSH Haunted Attraction, one of the most popular haunted houses in Michigan. Its popularity is well-earned with the amount of thought put into the design and layout of the attraction. Owner Cody Bailey upped the ante this year  rebuilding 75 percent of HUSH. The props and themes are more gory and disturbing.

If you are not afraid before arriving, you certainly will be while waiting in line. Screams and loud banging rang out from inside, which added to the whole experience. Occasionally an actor would come up to a window to scare an unsuspecting visitor.

Kelley Hanson, Plymouth junior, was nervous to go in. “I’m so scared, I’m shaking,” she said.

The costumes and makeup were superb; each character was more interesting than the last. The actors did an amazing job, addressing each member in the group to make sure everyone was frightened. Aubrey Salanec, a senior at Garden City High School, greeted customers in line acting as a vintage clown.

One of the most terrifying aspects of the house was the lack of senses. There were parts during the journey where you could not see the person in front of you.

Grace Dudash, Plymouth junior, really enjoyed the experience. “You couldn’t hear or see, which made everything a lot scarier,” she said.

Overall, it was a good time, especially with a group of friends. After Hanson came out she was exhilarated. “I am so glad I did it!” she said.

Even the most stubborn came out afraid. The actors made sure to spend extra time with those who wore a brave face.

Before entering, Kendelle Bowdry, Plymouth junior, was not scared at all, she was actually excited. After coming out she did admit that it was scary, “The pop-ups got me,” she said.

General admission costs $20 during the month of October. HUSH also offers a $30 ticket to skip the line. The price was well worth it, especially this year with the number of renovations that have been done. The attraction is longer and scarier than ever.