Harsh Weather Delays School Schedule

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools closed on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Due to inclimate weather, P-CCS deemed it unsafe for students to attend school.

For students at the Park, Jan. 23 marked the first day of finals. While having an extra day of studying seemed great, a new schedule for final exams was not released until 12:44 p.m. — 7 hours after the original school cancellation email was sent out.

According to the schedule, exams were to start on Thursday, Jan. 24 and continue through Monday, Jan. 28. Thursday and Friday were instructed to be half days, while Monday was set to be a full day of school. The beginning half would be left for third and sixth hour finals and the remainder of the day for the beginning of the second semester. After feedback from students and teachers alike, a new schedule was sent out Friday, Jan 28, regarding the schedule for Monday. The revisions included Monday, Jan 28, to be a half day set for third and sixth hour finals only. The following day would mark the beginning of the second semester.

However, due to yet another inclement weather warning, P-CCS closed school again Monday, Jan. 28. An email was sent out at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday stating that, “The next day we return to school, students at P-CEP will have finals for 3rd and 6th hour classes.”

As record breaking temperatures approached, school was cancelled on Jan. 30, and Jan. 31. Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, declared a state of emergency due to these freezing temperatures. The bitter temperatures left southeast Michigan with temperatures as low as -35 degrees. Because of the excess time off of school, the start of semester two was pushed to Friday Feb. 1, when its original starting date was supposed to be on Jan. 28. Since the days off, teachers have been working to catch up on schedules to make up for the days that were lost.