In The Band Music Appreciation Studio

In The Band Music Appreciation Studio (ITB) is a recently founded nonprofit organization that is located in the Plymouth Arts and Recreational Complex (PARC). Founded and directed by Nick Brandon, In The Band was created 4 years ago. The idea came from Brandon when he was just 14 years old. He said he dreamed of having a place some day where musicians, like himself, could go to create music in a free and creative atmosphere.

The mission statement for In The Band is “to provide community and support for growing creators and appreciators of music in the Plymouth-Canton area.” Brandon said that his vision for the space has always been for it to be a “true and authentic musical home, stocked with high-quality instruments and musical equipment that young people can use free of charge.”

There are many students in the Plymouth-Canton community who are a part of In The Band in some way or another. Kam Thomas, P-CEP alumna, is a part of ITB as one half of the group “Nat & Kam.” Thomas said she first heard about In The Band through Nick Brandon. She said that while in the midst of planning recording sessions for the “Nat & Kam” EP and trying to book shows, “Mr. Brandon was extremely passionate about getting local bands on the radio station and helping us all get shows.” She continued to say how once the studio was ready for people to play in, Brandon immediately offered the place to them as a practice space.

Over the past four years, In The Band has grown tremendously and in a positive way.

“This came about very organically, and I am so incredibly proud that In The Band now serves not just as a great space for bands to develop, but as a beloved local venue for some of the best bands in our area to play in regularly,” Brandon said. He said that the way ITB continues to grow in the future, will be up to the musicians. “In The Band is about them, and their feedback and efforts toward building this musical community has really been the key to making it all happen.”

The In The Band Music Appreciation Studio has impacted many young musicians lives. Zoe Stirrett and Teddy Kazmierski, P-CEP alum, both said that In The Band has given them the opportunity to meet and form relationships with new people and musicians. Brandon agreed and said that is his favorite part of In The Band as well.

“The most satisfying part of leading In The Band is the relationships that we have been able to build with our musicians, giving us the opportunity to watch them grow musically, offer a safe outlet for their creativity and expression, and above all foster and help develop their love for music,” said Brandon.

In The Band holds many events and shows that benefit its musicians. They would like to share that their next 7” vinyl, ITB-4, will be released on Saturday, May 11, with their spring ‘Totally 80s Release Party’ at the PARC. The record will feature Marquette Winston (Canton senior) and Kinda Cute (featuring P-CEP alumnus Jackson Austin). This event will feature more than 14 different acts and free pizza provided by Domino’s. Admission to the event will be a $10 donation at the door that also includes a copy of the ITB-4 vinyl. All proceeds from the evening will go to support In The Band.