Creatopia Pottery in Downtown Plymouth

For those looking for a fun place to go on a date, or just spend an evening with their family, Creatopia is loads of fun. It’s located in the center of downtown Plymouth, visiting is not a hassle, and it’s perfect to combine with a visit to one of downtown Plymouth’s various restaurants. Upon arrival, the staff greeted me and a friend, and explained how the whole process went. First, we chose the pottery we wanted to paint, and then we got to work designing it as desired. Once done, the staff collected the pottery, had us pay, and then gave us a date as to when we could pick up our finished products. About a week later, I went to pick up the pottery. The staff wrapped the pottery and put them in nice gift bags free of charge. Overall, I rate the whole experience a 9/10, due to the steep price tag but would still definitely recommend it to a friend.