Slumpin’ to Ski Mask

On November 28, Ski Mask the Slump God dropped his debut album “Stokeley” after a year of suspenseful waiting. Hyped up to be a needle in the haystack, the former associate of XXXTentacion made sure this album was one to remember. With hit tracks that are eccentrically named to say the least, Ski Mask makes sure that you aren’t likely to forget the songs anytime soon. The most popular song off the album is without a doubt “Foot Fungus” which features a three-three beat and catchy hook, a staple in modern “mumble rap.”

While there might not be as much to the materialistic lyrics, the beats and sound of the album create an overall great vibe. This is mainly due to the fact that Ski Mask was heavily influenced by the old school style of Busta Rhymes and Timbaland for his latest album; however, one main difference between the styles of the latter two and Ski Mask is the amount of autotune and voice changing software that he uses. This may not appeal to those who dislike the heavily altered style of modern rap, but “Nuketown” and “Foot Fungus” off the album have managed to top the Billboards Top 100.

Moreover, some of “Stokeley’s” success should be attributed to XXXTentacion’s posthumous contributions. Featured on multiple songs, XXXTentacion is almost a martyr figure in Ski Mask’s life. Having come out of jail and finding success on SoundCloud together, the two rappers were very close. The album serves as a tribute to his late best friend who was shot last summer in an alleged robbery. With many lyrics referring to X’s legacy and come up, Ski Mask pays homage to his roots.

Overall, the album earns a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Its downfall is the lack of diversity within the album as many songs sound alike and are about many of the same topics. A saving grace is the aforementioned beats and soundtracks.