Spring has sprung in Plymouth, Michigan

Ah, in Springtime in Michigan. Flowers are blooming and people are beginning their outdoor projects such as finishing a new deck or creating a firepit. The temperatures are warm and people are starting to come out after a long winter. 

People start to emerge from their houses from a cold winter to be happily greeted by the sight of greenery and flowers blooming. Finally, after a year of quarantine, the weather allows for going outside and enjoying the fresh air, as opposed to the stuck-at-home conditions that were present at the same time last year. People feel eager to at last walk from their homes to favorite places to meet friends and be able to see them again.

Two visitors to the city of Plymouth,  Landon, and Rene, like to visit downtown Plymouth’s restaurants during the spring season. Rene mentioned that she does not know where else to meet besides the fountain located in the center of downtown Plymouth’s park area.

 “We went to Bigalora for dinner and we were walking around downtown because it’s nice out, sunny for once,” said Rene, a Farmington Hills resident.

Besides the fountain, Rene meets others somewhere in the park, perhaps on a nearby bench, and hopes not to miss the person.

“I do not know where else to meet besides the fountain,” said Rene, a former Plymouth Historical Museum employee.

With the fountain under construction, Carson Podolinski meets her friends at Dairy King, an ice cream shop on Main Street. Even though Carson liked meeting at the fountain, she is glad to see it will be updated.

“I like the fountain, walking around. I like to sit and look at the fountain water,” said Carson Podolinski, PHS senior.

Podolinski liked the idea of renovations for the fountain. ¨I think it would be nice to have an updated fountain. I like the fountain,” said Podolinski, a Plymouth, Michigan, resident.

Mary Aminu, whose children graduated from the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, would also like to see an improved fountain from the renovation. Aminu does not enjoy going to events where people are abundant.

“They redid it a few years back and that was a debacle. That fountain was very pretty and I feel like they just had to put something there. It was fine, but I have seen better,” said Aminu, a Plymouth, Michigan, resident.   

 One of the events that Aminu likes is the Plymouth Community Farmers Market, but she does not like crowded events.