Charge against Caplin dropped

Victim refuses to testify in sexual misconduct case

Jack Hanley and Khadega Mohammed

A third degree criminal sexual conduct charge against Bridget Caplin, a 41-year-old former teacher aide at East Middle School, was dropped on Friday at her preliminary examination hearing.

The charge was dropped due to a livestream of the arraignment proceedings that took place last month. While Judge James Plakas did inform the courtroom that a protective order had been placed forbidding the media from revealing an alleged victim’s identity, one reporter at the hearing continued their streaming, unannounced to the court.

After video from this livestream was released to the public and circulated online, an alleged victim and witness in the case refused to testify, and the case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning the charges can be brought again, but only if the alleged victim testifies.

However, the two other charges against Caplin, both of using a computer to distribute obscene material to children, were retained, and her bond is currently set at $100,000. Defense attorney Michael Savich requested bond be reduced to $50,000, but due to the revoked charges of third degree criminal sexual conduct, Judge Mike Gerou denied that request.

The family of the victim was present but declined to comment.