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The Perspective

The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

The Perspective

Steering Clear Of The Summer Tan

Megan Pham, Head Copy-Editor May 4, 2017

While being pale and pasty in the summer is far from anyone’s ideal “sun-kissed glow,” when it comes to tanning, maintaining a physical appearance cannot come before staying healthy. The U.S. Department...

AP Season Is Upon Us

Naabia Romain, Reporter May 4, 2017

As Advanced Placement (AP) exam season arrives once again, many students are scrambling to prepare for the biggest test of the academic year. At a high school that offers so many AP courses, it can be...

Stop Drinking Soda

Laura Westcott, Features Editor April 17, 2017

Refreshing, fizzy, tasty and it’s a satisfying compliment with almost every meal. Soda, soft drinks or pop, whatever you want to call it, we all agree that it’s delicious. But did you know that it’s...

SOS! (Save our snow)

Jordyn Kuchka, Business Manager April 17, 2017

The state of Michigan is known for being a relatively cold state. It is known for having brutally long and cold winters, but this year it hasn’t seemed very long and brutal at all. While many are just...

Drinking, Drinking, Drunk, Gone

Claudia Saveski, Sports Editor March 30, 2017

Drinking. The only thing Americans seems to do to celebrate. Whether it’s a wedding, a religious holiday or even winning a men’s softball game, it’s almost expected that a cooler will be full of...

Should parents ruin the Santa Claus myth?

Madison Taylor, Co-Photography Editor December 23, 2016

Children waking up early on Christmas morning, running down the stairs and looking under the tree to see if Santa Claus brought them presents shows how the jolly spirit of the character Santa Claus has...

Are longer breaks really beneficial?

Gagana Borra, Copy Editor November 28, 2016

The 2016-2017 P-CEP school year is a total of five days longer than the last. This new policy was enforced after the state of Michigan passed a law stating that schools that receive state aid will be...

Christmas in November

Mary Pettovello, Megan Pham, Madison Taylor, Features Editor, Reporter, Photo Editor November 22, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the November. Take a look outside, what do you see? The leaves are changing, people are bringing sweaters out from hibernation and the weather is just plain...

Bye Bye Bipartisan

Omar Abdel Baqui, News Editor November 7, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have alarmingly low approval ratings. According to Huffington Post, which accumulated thousands of polls from several sources, a whopping 61.8 percent of people polled...

Trick or No Treat?

Jordyn Kuchka, Business Manager November 3, 2016

Healthier treats for Halloween should be more of a common practice. Children love to get dressed up and go trick-or-treating on Halloween, but this tradition usually ends with bags filled with candy. With...

War on Halloween Candy

Jimmy Gearns, Reporter November 3, 2016

Halloween is a day that every child in the United States looks forward to. They pick a costume and make sure it is the right one because they won’t get another choice for a year. However, the highlight...

The benefits of Early Action

Haley DeLaca, Deputy Online Editor November 1, 2016

The beginning of the school year marks an important time for high school seniors. Stress is thick in the air as students prepare their college applications. However, there is many different ways for colleges...

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