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The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

The Perspective

The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

The Perspective

Anthem, Trump, protest, patriotism

Ann-Nora Hirami October 11, 2017

President Trump went way too far in his recent condemnation of Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who kneel during the national anthem. He is our president. He is not a dictator or who gets to pontificate...


Grace Pierzynski, Reporter June 5, 2017

Fidgets have become a trend in today’s society; they are dominating social media and selling out in stores, but why? Have you ever wondered what the actual purpose of a fidget is other than being a cool...

Spotlight Too Bright For Some

Noah Haran, Sports Editor May 31, 2017

I watched a movie one time, and while the name of the movie didn’t stick with me, a certain message did: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Athletes take advantage of their platform in...

No More Seniors No More School

Megan Pham, Head Copy Editor May 30, 2017

Walking into school two weeks before summer vacation, something always feels different; perhaps the halls are marginally quieter, or some teachers look relieved or the traffic seemed to flow much more...

The Negative Effects of Phone Use

Omar Abdel Baqui, News Editor May 30, 2017

With over 6 billion people across the globe having access to cell phones, the impact of cell phones appears to be ignored by the general public. Cell phones have altered people’s ability to learn, communicate,...

The Murder of Another Black Man

Khadega Mohammed, Reporter May 30, 2017

A young black man has literally been lynched, yet there has been barely any media coverage on it. Richard Collins III, a student at Bowie State University, was just about to graduate when his life was...

Sex Education Needs to Accommodate Everyone

Victoria Hall, Opinion Editor May 30, 2017

Health: one of the more dreaded requirements to complete for graduation. From the documentaries that make you lose faith in all food to the pictures of sexually transmitted infections, it can be a little...

“13 Reasons Why” is Awful

Jack Hanley, Opinion Editor May 22, 2017

Do you know who would really love the hit Netflix show “13 Reasons Why?” Courtney, from “13 Reasons Why.” The hit drama has swept American pop-culture and social media in the last few months, being...

Is She Right for the Job?

Sheena Patel, Guest Writer May 18, 2017

In early February, the nation watched as Betsy Devos was elected as education secretary by a close vote and with the help of Vice President Mike Pence. Although elected, I can’t help but wonder whether...

“13 Reasons Why” Does Far More Good Than Harm

Jacob Miller, Reporter May 16, 2017

Before we get into the deeper, more personal reasons for the purpose and legacy of “13 Reasons Why,” I would like to first mention its merit as a piece of entertainment. Whether the message gets lost...

The Driver’s Education Age Should Be Raised

Mary Petovello, Features Editor May 4, 2017

Fourteen and eight months is too young for teenagers to start taking driver’s education. The State of Michigan’s website has a page dedicated to the dangers of teen driving leading to accidents, but...

Pizza Is Not A Vegetable

Claudia Saveski, Sports Editor May 4, 2017

According to, the definition of a vegetable is “any plant whose fruit, seeds, roots, tubers, bulbs, stems, leaves or flower parts are used as food, as the tomato, bean, beet, potato, onion,...

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