Letter to the Editor: P-CEP Rant

At the Park, it is a hassle to walk from school to school every hour. The ridiculous amount of people on the path doesn’t make it any better. It is overcrowded and people get pushed off the path. That’s not a big deal until it’s winter and there’s snow or when it’s raining and the sides of the path become mud, and sometimes the whole path just stops like a traffic jam. On top of all this, the weather is unbearable at times. There will be days where it is nice and cool then the next it’s blazing hot and you’re sweating bullets walking to class. In addition, during the winter season there is always a risk of slipping on ice; this is just another danger we come across often. Also, school never gets called off when it snows too much or is too cold; it is clear that they don’t even think of the kids that have to walk between school and the pain they go through. The time they give you is barely sufficient to get to class on time, teachers are strict on tardies because of all the kids that hang around, but what about the kids that actually have to walk from one end of the school to the other? It’s ridiculous, and baffles me that this is the kind of ‘campus’ experience that we have to go through. The administrators could at least lengthen the passing time by 2 minutes so we get 12 minutes in between classes.


Yours truly,

Nicholas James Wooten, Plymouth senior