This year’s eighth grade Collage Concert should not be at risk of being cancelled.

This year, after speaking with some of the art teachers, whether visual or musical, I learned that that the eighth grade Collage Concert that takes place every year, which introduces the eighth graders to the arts that are taught and explored around the Park, may be cancelled. I do understand that the three schools are trying to reduce some of their debt and spending money on having buses bring all the eighth graders from the five middle schools over to Salem High School for the annual event may be too much; however, this should not cause the schools to cancel this amazing experience.

First of all, the Collage Concert gives some insight to students that are already participating in an art form by showing them how that form is explored at P-CEP. Also, should time allow it, they may even meet a student at the Park. It also allows a student who hasn’t taken an art class in middle school to get to know what each of the art classes at the Park has to offer. Should they pick a class that they saw at the Collage Concert and continue with that art after their one year art credit requirement, it could change their life.

Brian Vasquez

Plymouth High School