Candidate Frustration

Dear The Perspective,

How in the heck did the U.S. get stuck with two candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? I mean, they aren’t the worst ever, but they are both pretty bad. One has many years of political experience, yet isn’t a clear favorite over some outsider with little to no political experience at all, because they aren’t trustworthy. Yes, both of them could surprise all of us, but at this point that seems pretty unlikely. Out of the 350 million people in the United States, how on Earth do we get stuck with these two running for office? You’d think that there is at least one popular candidate where most people don’t even like to entertain the thought of them being in office. Who knows, maybe Hillary Clinton could bring experience to office, or maybe Donald Trump could bring a great deal of economic knowledge, and not screw everything up. I don’t want to vote for either, good thing I don’t have to vote just yet.

-Matthew English

Canton Junior