Why everyone needs to try theatre

I’m tired of theatre being thought of as a dying art form. When people think of theatre they think of low budget high school productions that are not founded or the Shakespeare plays that you were forced to read in class. No one thinks of the life skills that just one theatre production will teach you. Being on stage, even if just for one acting class in school, shows you how to be comfortable with yourself and with others and of course how to speak in front of people. No matter what you do in life, the skill of talking in front of and to people will always be helpful. Acting shows you how to be aware of your body and face and this will help with future communication skills in whatever you do in life. Even if being on stage does not appeal to you, you can always work behind the scenes and being on tech can teach you just as much as being on stage.

With everything you learn in theatre aside, the greatest benefit is the people you meet. Theatre is a melting pot of every kind of person. Everyone fits in and that’s the best part of it all. Theatre needs to be funded in our schools starting at a young age. You can teach kids skills they won’t learn anywhere else. These skills will follow them through their life in whatever they decide to do. Everyone out there could benefit from just being apart of one theatre production.

Kathryn McIntyre

Canton High School