Love Trumps Hate

Morgan Stephens, Reporter

Concluding the long and depleting presidential race of 2016, Donald Trump was officially elected to be the Commander In Chief. While some were thrilled with the final results, others were not. Riots, marches and even some fights took place in protest of president-elect Trump. People have expressed their outrage through chanting and propaganda, but others chose a more artistic route. Canton senior Samantha Aulinskis assembled a team of five other students at the Park who all banded together to constitute, “Love Trump’s Hate:” the Photo Shoot. Aulinskis threw a twist on these photos; they only featured women. She said, “I chose girls who I knew were educated on the issues and stood up for them resiliently.”  Aulinskis also chose girls based on how politically educated and how much of a leader they are in the community.

Standing together, each model held a sign that read various sayings that combat the things that Trump has said that were considered demeaning to women. So naturally, Plymouth senior Beth Henderson’s sign read, “It’s my body, you need my consent.”

Sam Aulinskis (photo)

One of the models to speak out against the recent acts is Salem senior Khadega Mohammed. Mohammed is known for expressing her right to freedom of speech and voicing her opinion, and she felt that the photo shoot was a gathering of different kinds of people to unite against the recent hate-speech.  As a Sudanese descendant, Mohammed feels like America is saying, “We don’t want you here.”

Sam Aulinskis (photo)

Though the feeling of oppression has manifested in Mohammed’s mind, she feels that this photo project is a small step for the community. “It proved to me that there is a lot of hope in this time period because people are standing up for each other, and it might have been as simple as having a photo shoot,” she said about the project. Mohammed aims to combat hate with love and solidarity.

Salem senior Haley Allgeyer feels as though the photo shoot is a way of allowing people to comprehend all of the discrimination in the world. “We need to recognize the discrimination against minorities and stand strong despite the outcome of the election,” said Allgeyer. She is upset that targeted groups of people are giving into Trump’s words.

Ultimately, the women aim to show that nobody is alone in this fight against racism and misogyny, as love always trumps hate.