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The Super Jesse 5K (SJ5K) is an annual event started and run by students at the Park.

Beginning in 2011, it was inspired by Jesse Lindlbauer, a then Canton sophomore who suffered a near-fatal brain aneurysm. The Plymouth-Canton community joined forces to raise money and support for Lindbauer.

In honor of Lindbauer’s legacy, the community comes together every year to support families dealing with various medical complications.

This year’s SJ5K is May 6, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the P-CEP Varsity Field.

According to the SJ5K website, this year the race is supporting the following ten people and their families: Donna Barnes, Makenzie Carpenter, Byron Wydendorf, Jennifer Kelley, Andrea Faught, Tom Finfrock, Becki Kasinger, Gideon and Scarlett Rhodes and Alyssa Garland.

The SJ5K is primarily organized and run by students at the Park. The primary leadership team is Canton senior Arianna Mattoli, who’s in charge of promotions, Plymouth senior Alyssa Scott, who’s leading logistics, Salem senior Emma Gilbert and Plymouth senior Armaan Patel, who are co-leading sponsorship and Salem senior Katherine Parker, who is the Family Outreach Coordinator.

Mattioli said she has always loved the SJ5K and is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the team that puts all of this together.

Mattioli said, “I joined SJ5K because I wanted to make a difference in our community and to help families in need.”

Parker had similar reasons for joining SJ5K.

“I decided to join because, at the end of junior year, I still hadn’t felt like I left my mark on the community. I felt like this was my last chance to do something big for the Plymouth Canton community,” said Parker. “I am excited for this year’s race because we’ve never had so many families before, we have some great goals for the year and we are all working diligently and thoughtfully to achieve them.”

In February, the SJ5K held a dinner for the student team, adult board and the recipient families. There were over 92 people in attendance, including past families such as Lizzy Verdugo, Lynn Wasalki and Jesse Lindlbauer.

“It was wonderful for past families to speak about how the event made a difference in their lives. It really emphasized to the current student team that we have some big shoes to fill,” said Parker.

The SJ5K has become a staple to the Plymouth-Canton community and will continue to make an impact for years to come. Register for the race at before April 14 to get a T-shirt.

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