P-CCS distributes meals to local families


Donna Gatzke

The program is maintaining a contact free delivery.

With the suspension of face-to-face learning in Michigan by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, P-CCS has provided free meals to eligible families on Wednesdays. The federally funded program averages 32,000 meals a week. 

The program is available to students under 18 years old and students 18-26 years old with Individual Education Programs (IEP). 

The program is slated to end with the academic year. 

Distribution takes place at Salem High School, Discovery Middle School, Liberty Middle School, West Middle School and Eriksson Elementary School. 

Families are provided one breakfast and one lunch with fruit per day, and a gallon of milk for every child. The prepackaged meals consist of items such as bagels, pancakes, cereal, alfredo, spaghetti and pizza. 

The district has hired nutritionist Lorna Trager to ensure students are getting healthy meals that meet USDA guidelines. 

On Tuesdays district workers prepare the meals from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Employees uphold social distancing by having the people who receive the meals open their trunks for a contact-free delivery or by having people load the groceries themselves.