“Vice” Review

In 2015, Adam McKay brought the downfall of the American economy to the big screen when he produced “The Big Short.” This time, he brought American politics to the big screen in the polarizing movie “Vice.” Clearly, McKay is not afraid of being controversial and that is part of the reason this movie was great. Dick Cheney served as the vice president of the United States of America from 2001 to 2009 under president George W. Bush. In the movie “Vice” A-list actor Christian Bale does a marvelous job portraying Chaney. Bale is striking, looking just like Cheney.

It’s interesting to see how Cheney used his job as Vice President in a way to abuse his power and become the most powerful person in the United States of America and possibly the world. George W. Bush may have been the president, but this movie showed Dick Cheney was the one in charge and running the country behind the scenes. Therefore, he had a huge impact on the way the country is shaped today.

I usually don’t like to watch anything related to politics, but “Vice” is phenomenal. The depiction of Dick Cheney’s personality and his impact on the United States is marvelous. Whether you’re interested in politics or not, support Dick Cheney or not, “Vice” is a must-see.