Are Roller Coasters Fun or Frightening?

Death Trap: Why Roller Coasters Are the Worst

By Amanda Mancuso

Staff Writer

I was fifteen when I had the absolute worst experience of my life; I went to Cedar Point for the first time. I hated the day and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to leave a place. I hate roller coasters because they’re terrifying and loud and I do not appreciate being tossed and turned by a giant metal terror structure. On that day, I also learned that I was afraid of heights. I was sort of aware of this already, because even walking down the bleachers in the Canton gym gave me a great amount of anxiety.

When I visited Cedar Point, I had no idea what that day would hold. I woke up at six in the morning and I traveled with my friend and her sisters. I was excited to go to Cedar Point because I had never been there before. My mind changed immediately after the first drop of the rollercoaster. I decided that I hated rollercoaster and that I never wanted to get on one again. As you can imagine, I had a long, rough day.

Roller Coasters are way- too- high- feet tall, have too many twists, turns and drops, which makes the whole experience a living nightmare. I can’t begin to fathom why any normal person would like to be thrown around by a giant terror machine at 81 mph (on average).  You can catch me on a roller coaster never because there is no way I will ever get on another roller coaster again.

The Thrill of the Ride: Why Roller Coasters are The Best

By Lilli Keehn

Staff Writer

Picture this: you walk through the gates of your favorite amusement park, the smell of fried food and cotton candy fill the air, and run straight for your favorite roller coaster. The line is an hour and a half long, but you don’t care because you would wait in line for days to get on your favorite coaster. It’s all about the thrill of the ride.

Roller coasters are the absolute best part of any amusement park and nobody can change my mind. Parks quite literally build everything else around the coasters that are there. Take Cedar Point for example-that park is full of mainly roller coasters and there are only a handful of smaller rides and carnival games.

There is nothing better in the world than the feeling of anticipation and excitement you get while standing in line and getting onto a roller coaster. With the knots in your stomach that don’t come undone until after the first hill is done and your heart racing as you fasten your seatbelt, riding a roller coaster is a complete experience from start to finish. You simply cannot get that from any other ride, let alone the carousel or Matterhorn.

Riding a roller coaster is so much fun overall, I seriously question why anyone could dislike it. The initial jerk of taking off, wind rushing through your hair giving you the perfect “coaster hair” look, putting your arms up in the air when your finally feeling comfortable and screaming so loud that you nearly blow out your riding partners eardrums are all just added bonuses to the joy the ride gives you as a whole.

Roller coasters may not be the very best thing in the world, but they’re definitely up there on that list. I encourage everyone to get out and ride a coaster this summer, whether you have before or if it’s your first time. You won’t regret it!